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Author images

LaDonna LaDonna-1.jpg
LaDonna LaDonna-2.jpg
LaDonna on deck LaDonna-on-deck.jpg
LaDonna with King salmon LaDonna-with-King-salmon.jpg


Book covers




Food images

From Salmon, Desserts & Friends

Mini Salmon Herb Quiche Mini-Salmon-Herb-Quiche.jpg
Salmon Salad Wonton Cups Salmon-Salad-Wonton-Cups.jpg
Sockeye fillet Sockeye-fillet.jpg
Spicy Wild Salmon Sandwich Spicy-Wild-Salmon-Sandwich.jpg
Summertime Salmon Bruschetta Summertime-Salmon-Bruschetta.jpg

From My Tiny Alaskan Oven

Smoked salmon on grit cakes Smoked-salmon-on-grit-cakes.jpg
Crab salad on corn blini Crab-salad-on-corn-blini.jpg
Shrimp Shrimp.jpg
Croissant French Toast Croissant-French-Toast.jpg

Alaska fishing/LaDonna Rose images

In the galley with LaDonna In-the-galley-with-LaDonna.jpg
LaDonna-at-the-office LaDonna-at-the-office.jpg
LaDonna-the-Deckhand LaDonna-the-Deckhand.jpg
The LaDonna Rose The-LaDonna-Rose.jpg

LaDonna bio


Promotional materials


Suggested interview topics

From net to table no-one knows more about catching, cooking and eating salmon than LaDonna. She’s been a commercial fisherwoman in Alaska for more than two decades, cooking at sea without ready access to a grocery store, in a tiny kitchen (galley). Being chief cook and deckhand on the LaDonna Rose has uniquely positioned her to discuss a wide variety of topics, including:

  • Why friends don’t let friends eat farmed salmon
  • What to look for when choosing fish
  • King vs. coho vs. sockeye and others. Which should I choose? How do I know which to bake, broil or BBQ?
  • Inventive cooking in tight spaces
  • Cooking quick and easy meals without sacrificing flavor or healthy eating

For boating or fishing publications

  • Galley tips and galley essentials
  • Cooking in tight spaces
  • Provisioning for cruising
  • Cooking while underway
  • Creative cooking in the galley

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