The Little Alaskan Crab Cookbook

Here’s the book that brings The Last Frontier and those irresistible crab dishes into your own home. Whether you’re a novice cook or a gourmet seafood chef, you’ll love the tempting simplicity of more than 40 recipes offered in The Little Alaskan Crab Cookbook. What LaDonna is known for on her Ketchikan Celebrity Chef Show and in her five previous best selling books – is adding a special twist to familiar dishes, while also streamlining the recipes so you spend less time in the kitchen but still emerge with perfection. Her husband Ole’s colorful photographs will leave your mouth watering for dishes such as Lemon Butter Crab Legs, Fresh Spring Rolls with Crab and Creamy Crabmeat Fettuccini. And with its handy tips on choosing, storing, boiling, steaming, cleaning, portioning and how to catch crab, this is the must have guide for boaters and seaside-lovers alike. So, take a trip to Alaska, pick a recipe and get crackin!


 I love this little book.

All about crab, wonderful recipes. I was on the Washington coast visiting my sister and found this book and had to order more copies for my friends!   sally


Best. Book. Ever.

This lady can prepare food! I have all of her recipe books and this one is gold!! I haven’t tried a recipe that wasn’t amazing yet!! I purchased this one as gift because these recipes need to be shared! Incredible!     Kristen Ann


What an awesome cookbook

I fish for a hobby in Oregon; fulltime bankie and oceandweller. Literally will be plunking for springers out of my backyard, and walking to my bobber holes. . My best friend is a deckhand and guide. Between the two of us, we end up with a boatload of dungeness and rock crab, ocean fish, and of course salmon and steelhead. I am the cook of the family and amongst my friends, and I am known for my seafood. Heck, we practically live on it or trade for red meat. Ladonna’s recipes always turn out five star. Like the Wolfgang of the seafood world, the recipes are tried and foolproof, and guaranteed to provide a wow factor beyond your normal repertoire. Amazing crab dishes. Go for it. This is the crab book you need. I highly suggest you check out her other books as well.   King_a