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Do commercial fishermen make a good catch?

The answer is YES!
Here’s my top twenty reasons why I think they are so cool.

#1. They are cute in their xtratuffs, sweat shirts and baseball hats.

#2. They are in good physical shape.

#3. They are open minded and willing to learn new techniques to help them be more effective.

#4. They are good listeners.

#5. They are willing to lend a hand and take a hand.

#6. They love their families and are excited to come home.

#7. They can survive a storm that knocks out all their power and with their incredible sense of direction find their way home.

#8. They know how to bring home the money.

#9. They brave cruel weather, sharp hooks, long ropes, tides, swinging booms, slippery decks, sleep deprivation and pain.

#10. They do what it takes to get the job done.

#11. They are patient.

#12. They know there are good seasons and bad seasons.

#13. They work hard and play hard.

#14. They love to go on vacation.

#15. They are persistent and willing to fish regardless of the conditions, rain, cold, wind.

#16. They enjoy the fresh air and the challenges presented by the sea.

#17. A good fishermen works at catching fish, instead of relying on luck to fill his hold.

#18. They leave their families for weeks and months at a time, endure little sleep, unhealthy food, hellish weather, and knowing in the back of their minds they could very well die any day of the week.

#19. They bring home fresh seafood and their freezers are always full of fish.

#20. They always have a good story to tell.

Next time you savor a seafood delight, thank the fearless men and women who brave the odds to serve you the best on your platter.


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