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Keeping it Real


Hard at it!


Hummm…wonder what’s for dinner?


As the 2012 salmon season quickly approaches, the list of things that needs to be done is HUGE!
Because once we leave the dock, I’m not going to be able to run to the store if I suddenly realize I’m missing something — or to the Internet if I need to find out something. Whether it’s provisions, pans, tools or recipes, you have to make do with what you have until next time you are in town.

To some, this is scary…what if I forget something? I have learned through the years to see it as a chance for innovation…what can I do with what I have? I’ve developed some of my “best recipes” simply because I was making do.

I have two basic strategies for dealing with the challenges of being away from town.

#1. Planning and List making. This makes it less likely that I will forget something. It usually takes a few weeks to go through the entire list.

#2. Creativity. If I have to substitute or go without, it’s not the end of the world.

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