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Alaska Dispatch story

Alaska Dispatch

Galley chef helps Alaska fishermen replace junk food with healthy cuisine
Alex DeMarban | Dec 04, 2011

A Ketchikan galley cook with a knack for whipping up dishes in cramped boat kitchens has an answer to the drab boat fare most commercial fishermen eat.

Instead of the same-old stuff — salmon-with-mayonnaise, Kirkland Signature snacks and heat-to-eat meals — LaDonna Rose Gundersen offers up a mouth-watering mix of wild salmon repasts and restaurant-quality desserts in her second cookbook, Read more…

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Ketchikan, Alaska – Fun, Food and FISH!!!

Hookin Up


Fun and surprising! The last part of my trip out of Clover Pass Resort consisted of taking two Ketchikan locals who – get this – have never caught a fish on any type of sport fishing rod! I make this distinction because they are in fact, commercial fisherpeople!

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Three Sheets Northwest Story

Three Sheets Northwest logo

For Alaska couple, salmon is the flavor of life:
If anyone should know about cooking salmon, it’s LaDonna and Ole Gundersen. The couple has fished Alaska salmon for 24 years and typically dine on the iconic Northwest fish about five times a week, sometimes twice a day. As chief deckhand and cook on their 32-foot boat, LaDonna Rose, LaDonna has churned out literally thousands of salmon meals over the past couple of decades, creating and tweaking recipes in her boat’s tiny galley. Read more…

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Ketchikan: A Fish Story

Ketchikan VIsitors Bureau

Ketchikan Visitors Bureau
Ketchikan’s vibrant fishing community is featured in this 35-minute documentary, produced to engage visitors in the lifeblood of this small town. Suspense, action and comedy are melded to form the compelling story of deep-rooted traditions and a dream for future generations. Candid interviews highlight locals from every facet of the industry and give voice to the satisfaction and pride that a hard day’s work can bring.

Watch..Ole & LaDonna on their fishing boat.

Their segment starts at 09:00 minutes into the film.

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